Sarah Bonilla, LMFT

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Therapist located in Redlands, California. 

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I’m Sarah Bonilla, LMFT (CA LMFT 49788) and I’ve dedicated my career since 2006 to helping individuals and families navigate life’s challenges.


Are you...

A therapist struggling with counter transference and supervision isn’t enough?

A new parent struggling with the transition to parenthood?

Wondering if you have OCD?

From burnout to postpartum challenges and major life transitions, Sarah specializes in developing coping mechanisms that aid in navigating the complexities of life. 

Whether you’re part of the adoption triad or simply facing significant changes, Sarah provides tailored support to manage stress and enhance well-being, ensuring you have the tools you need for resilience and recovery.

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Aetna, United, Cigna through Alma, SoCal Kaiser, and Anthem through Rula (formerly known as “Path”).

My cash rate is $150 per hour and I offer sliding scale spots on an as needed basis. I can also provide superbills for out of network reimbursement.

Schedule a consultation

Client well-being is my number one priority, and I try my best to go above and beyond. In order to best serve you, I provide a free 20-minute consultation over Zoom to assess goodness of fit and go over logistics.

Please reach out to me at to schedule a consultation.